Bond Cleaning

Are you excited for being able to find the most suitable property you always wished for? And no doubt you must have negotiated well to match the best price. This excitement can be short-lived as at the back of your mind you’re constantly reminded about getting back your bond in full. As most renters you must be also having nightmares over the day you will be moving out, don’t you?

Before you move out, you’re obliged to return the property in substantially the same condition – plus ‘fair wear and tear’ – and level of cleanliness as it was at the beginning of your tenancy. If your landlord or the agent feels the condition of the property is unsatisfactory, then you may not get your bond back in full.

To avoid this from happening, let the experts at the Advanced Kerans Services take care of business and you will not be disappointed. We understand and put ourselves in the shoes of a new renter. Moving into a new place expecting it to be clean is not asking for too much, isn’t it? We offer a guarantee that their cleaning will meet the standards set by your landlord, or you’ll get a full refund if you don’t get your rental bond back.