Lease Cleaning

Majority of the population have resorted to living in rental properties. When the end date of the lease is nearing, everyone gets these little butterflies in the stomach. You have endless tasks on your hand including finding a suitable space within your budget and moving out peacefully. It doesn’t sound overwhelming, but it surely is. Your stress levels are at an all-time high as you’ve got zillion things to remember and to do at the end of your lease.

Also, you are obliged to move out of the property in a considerable good condition as it was at the beginning of your tenancy. You fear the day you have to face the landlord and the agent and worried if they don’t approve the condition of the property.

Just reach out to Advanced Kerans Services for their efficient end of lease cleaning services. We work systematically off your cleaning checklist to ensure no corner of your home or office is left untouched. We have a clear understanding of the high standards of cleaning which are expected and we not only adhere but try to surpass it in every possible manner. We have been catering to our clients in Logan and Chermside from past 15 years.

Take a backseat and leave the task of cleaning to the professional team at Advanced Kerans Services.