Pre Sale Cleaning

Are you planning to sell your property and list it on the market? As they say, the first impression is the last impression. And this thumb rule is still quite valid too. You have to tick off all the boxes before you open your property for inspection. While you have to focus on many other important tasks, cleaning the property shall be your last priority.

We ensure that it will bring value addition to your esteemed property. A small investment can generate substantial returns and can fetch you some extra bucks. This pre – sale cleaning service can grab the attention of potential buyers and place you on the top spot in the market. We are proud to offer you our expertise and knowledge in pre-sale cleaning with 15 years of experience. The cleaning service has an exhaustive checklist and hence even a minute spot or corner is not missed. The professional team are efficient and have an eye to detail in order to make the property well-presented before the big day.

Pre – cleaning services will leave your property looking its absolute finest for agent open houses and real estate showings. Contact Advanced Kerans Services in Brisbane and we can’t wait to be part of your big day! Happy Selling.